Inverloch Primary School

Bayview Ave, Inverloch

Inverloch Primary School works with parents and the community to provide a positive learning culture and strong foundation to formal education which will support all students to reach their academic, social/emotional, creative, and physical potential. They value: Respect for self and others; Taking responsibility for learning; Being socially responsible; Developing and demonstrating emotional resilience; Being happy; and Our Community.  Over the past few years the Inverloch enrolment has grown steadily to reach 285 this year, and continued growth is predicted. In 2010 Inverloch operated with 13 classes, with all children having timetabled Physical Education, Art, Music and Library sessions. A strong partnership exists with the local pre-school, and a structured program is conducted throughout the year to ensure the smooth transition for both children and parents into our school. 2010 saw the exciting commencement of a rebuilding project to replace the predominance of portable classrooms of which the school was comprised.